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Visited one of Micro's many drains in his Mississauga catalogue. Unfortunately, many systems in Toronto's suburban neighbour to the West are pretty uneventful even though they might look promising from the outfall. This one's ironically named "Mississauga Surprise". Even though it's a spacious 2.5m pipe, there's virtually nothing to see until a small junction about 800m towards the inlet. Oh well, it gave me a good opportunity to try out some shots with my external flash.

Writings on the wall
The outfall was rather deep and had lots of scum floating around the grate, waiting to be sent to the creek.

Sun spot
First access chamber.

Light at the end
After the first curve at the outfall, the pipe goes straight for quite a while.

Calcite symmetry

The junction.

Inlet from inside
The main pipe leads to the damaged inlet

Inlet from outside
From outside

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A bend.

Going downstream
The junction from the other side

Tiny tiny slide
A very small slide

A pipe dream

Deep outfall
The water along the splashpad was all swirly and multi-coloured.

The set on flickr

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