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Humble Howard

Humble Howard

Back in May, some bricks were found under an old neighbourhood in the west end. The system is sandwiched between two modern connections of waste water relief holding tanks and a large concrete diversion pipe, respectively.

Humble Howard
First of three large storage tanks

Humble Howard
Descent into the brick pipe, looking upstream

Humble Howard
Red brick combined sewer

Humble Howard
The side pipe leads to an old red brick arch sanitary line, which is a bit tricky to get to.

Humble Howard
A small stretch of ceramic brick construction. This stuff is slippery

Humble Howard
A moderately clean access shaft

Humble Howard
Diversion pipe down the curved slide. Ahead is the continuation of the main line, which has been abandoned. The diversion pipe leads to a parallel storm sewer that leads to a collector sewer that leads to a treatment tank where the water is filtered and solid matter gets sent to the treatment plant. Since many drains along this strip are combined sewers (transporting storm water and waste water from households and businesses) this system was implemented to prevent sewage from polluting the lake.

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